I can’t believe it.  2 years after beginning my Master of Education, I am embarking in an unknown realm. It involves WordPress, my thoughts about my thoughts ( I’m thinking the same thing you are and yes, you will be bored by them and I will most certainly be perplexed by them) and various artefacts that I’ve struggled through, collaborated on and created over the last two years.  If it serves as no other purpose but to put you to sleep during an anxiety ridden moment that wakes you at 3am then I have achieved success.  Don’t let the image I’ve chosen fool you. Not once did I feel like the finish line was that close to my start at any point along the way. Yet, as I wind up and get ready to finish maybe it never was as far away as it seemed. Today marks the beginning of the end. How very exciting! Here we go WordPress.  We can do this! Or can we (insert an ominous dunh, dunh dunh here)?