Artefact Reasoning

I have carefully tried to select artefacts that demonstrate my struggle, growth, depth of understanding with regards to specific concepts, knowledge learned through others (4.5), my ah-ha moments and my demonstration of competencies.  On each artefact page you will find my reason for choosing it and a reflection that demonstrates my changes and transformations influenced by the M.Ed. process.

On my initial reflections page, you will find that I've included links to two artefacts that I haven't selected to directly reflect upon.  The first one is my Cultural Bag and it marks my first attempt at self-reflection in my M.Ed. with regards to the influences in my life that make me think or act in a certain way.  This was developed for a face to face diversity course with Thompson Rivers University and was created while I was crossing over into Athabasca's MDDE program. I would prefer to redo it today but I also have to recognize that it represents the first authentic look into my life as I embarked upon the M.Ed. journey.  It shares my thoughts on diversity, culture and priorities and I can't ignore that the premise for it has framed how I have processed the whole M.Ed. program (1.6, 1.7, 1.8).  It has influenced my thinking on the importance of awareness of diversity and culture in courses and the necessity for inclusive Universal Design (2.7, 6.1).

The second non-featured artefact on my initial reflections page is a link embedded in my personal interests and beekeeping section.  It is An Introduction to Beekeeping course designed for MDDE 604 Instructional Design. I enjoyed working on the course and learned to design in Canvas and to rely on and understand the value of peer-to-peer feedback. This was my very first exposure to working in an LMS.  It was challenging to fit in all of the elements of design including needs analysis, learning object creation/incorporation, module design, progression of content, formative and summative assessment and to rollercoaster on the hills and valleys of learning a new technology (2.5, 2.7, 3.5).  I am not featuring this artefact on my artefacts page because it still needs to be massaged which demonstrates how iterative the design process is.  I am proud of the effort that went into it. I don't want to ignore the awareness that the process gave me to building a balanced course that is engaging, interactive, informative and takes the learner through an authentic learning process. 




Overview of Chosen Artefacts

My Artefact 1 is a systems analysis that was completed for MDDE 603.  I am featuring this artefact because of the magnitude of work that was required and the victory that it represented.  Additionally, it was my own work environment that our group analyzed and this collaboration gave me an opportunity to apply what I was learning in an authentic and meaningful way so that I could develop a deeper understanding of the Open Learning processes and issues surrounding modality choices. 

Artefact 2 was chosen for the opportunity that it gave me to apply an evaluation of process to my own work environment, Open Learning. By critically looking at our production team processes I was better able to understand the business that I work in and the concepts to be applied in MDDE 620.

MDDE 619 focused on trends and issues in instructional design.  Artefact 3 was an alternative assignment option that focused on emerging trends in technology.  I am featuring this artefact because of how important technology is to the design and delivery of distance education. I enjoyed researching the upcoming trends and it inspired me to take a MOOC through Coursera called Elearning and Digital Cultures.

Artefact 4 is an artefact that I had been thinking about for months after being introduced to a course produced by Michigan State University. This artefact was a collaborative project and compares two elearning options.  It required interviewing the design team for one of the courses that we focused on which was an incredible learning experience in itself.  I felt like I had uncovered a course that represents every learning theory, design element and technological tool that we had been taught about in the MDDE program.  The course represented the epitome of great on-line and interactive design while still offering student directed learning. 

Artefact 5 was chosen because of its demonstration of the wide range of tools, technology and collaboration based, that I had accumulated in my graduate toolbox over the last two years. This artefact selection represents a culmination of the collaborative experience of MDDE 665 combined with my technological tool acquisition over the previous years.  It is exciting to showcase a piece that I would not have been able to produce prior to embarking on my graduate studies.

Finally, this e-portfolio is the artefact that culminates my M.Ed. experience which challenged me both in design and technology.  WordPress represented a technological hurdle (3.1, 3.5)  and an exciting learning curve. I now have a transferable skill that I didn't anticipate upon embarking on my M.Ed. process, one of many.